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About Me.

I'm a very passionate individual with a can-do attitude towards overcoming issues and challenges. Clique I know but I have loved fashion design since I was a young girl, with my recognisable aesthetic being bright colours, florals, bold prints, textural fabrics and the colour lilac (you may have already noticed this!). I have had the opportunity to explore many different disciplines within the fashion industry including, womenswear, menswear, unisex, tailoring, sustainability, social justice and printed textile design. Allowing me to really explore my creativity and focus on the areas of the industry I am most proficient in and passionate about. After doing volunteer work at my university and throughout various projects, one of the main focuses of my design is to empower consumers with inclusivity, functionality and uniqueness. 

My Social justice work

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Something that has become very important to me is volunteering. During my time at university, I volunteered for the Student's Union 'Consent is Everything' program. Created by the student support services sexual violence support team, the program was voted for by students to help de-stigmatise and better educate consent and sexual violence awareness. I decided to start this program after the pandemic, after returning to the nightlife environment during a scary period for women's safety with the spiking epidemic. After attending the 'Girls Night In' event in February 2022 I decided I wanted to be part of this amazing program and received the 6-hour training course required to become a facilitator. I participated in the program for over a year and received over 13 hours of training on sexual violence support and effective activism presentation. I wrote a blog post for the Healthy NTU blog and my dissertation explored sexual politics in women's fashion where I investigated the reasons behind victim blaming through clothing. 


Press the buttons below to read my dissertation and blog post, as well as more about the program. 

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