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Painting & Print Design


I have loved designing prints since I first began studying fashion and textiles, it has grown from a hobby to a big part of my design aesthetic. Florals are something I love to draw and design, a big part of my design aesthetic and personal style. Florals are timeless and can fit with any trend and season if done correctly. Print design is creative, trendy and seasonal which is why I enjoy it, prints can be scaled alternately, colour palettes can vary and styles can be manipulated. 

My Final Collection
Print range

For my final year collection, I designed a range of bold prints inspired by English Heritage, timeless, classic print styles. I have a love for floral, it's versatile, trendless and has a connection to many consumer demographics. I create my prints by mark making with watercolour or acrylic, I then scan them into Illustrator and image trace them into graphics, this way I can play with the colours, scales and compositions easily. These designs are inspired by royal gardens and military memorial flowers, linking to my own heritage. I also wanted to put a modern take on a traditional floral, stripe and check by making them bright, busy and hyper-feminine.


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Commercial Prints


During a design competition brief with Wallis in my final year, I designed prints for the A/W 23 party season, the brand requested embellished looks, classy aesthetics and elegant designs. My prints align with the trend predictions for this season, with firework-style shapes and watercolour painterly prints, my colours are inspired by jewellery and birthstones. 


During a live project brief with All Saints to design a menswear collection for A/W 23 my designs included prints with abstract line drawing aesthetics to fit with the brand's grunge aesthetic and signature style. This rose I developed was inspired by tattoos and sketched in a harsh style repeated in overlaps for a sleeve-like effect.

print 3.jpg






print 1.jpg





I enjoy painting as a hobby, I have created a range of different style pieces for projects, family and friends. I enjoy creating mixed media pieces, my favourite mediums are acrylic and watercolour, creating textures using cornflower and emulsion. I enjoy painting landscapes, prints and abstract pieces. 

A commissioned piece of St Micheals Mount, Cornwall. Requested in pastel colours featuring lavender.